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North County Drum Lessons

Ours. Yours. Online. Learn.  

If you, a family member or friend want  to play the drums, I welcome you  to North County Drum Lessons and it is our privilege to offer you the opportunity to play the drums. 

Those who have already been called to the instrument, know that to "play" the drums is the goal. The study, practice  and discipline is one thing but to  play... with freedom, joy, passion - fervor, is a level of proficiency not so easily attained: we will help you . You can learn. Your child can learn. We all can continue to  learn, and when finally you can PLAY - your life will be forever changed.


    All of our instructors are professional, working musicians whose primary instrument is either the drums set, or one of variety of percussive instruments  found within the family of percussive arts.  

   We are professionals, experts in our field, focused on sharing our experience  and knowledge to those who, perhaps even unknowingly, desire to somday do as we have done: study, practice and  perform all the while enriching ourselves and those around us through the power of rhythm and music. 

     Teaching has changed and it's not business as usual. If you, a family member or a friend want to play, you're in the right place. 

-Matthew Gittleson


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How It Works


     During the past, what is now almost two years, the business of conducting  drum lessons has changed dramatically;  and we have too. Uncertainty forces one to act not only carefully but thoughtfully. So we have evolved our methods.     

    Our business is founded on a "home studio" platform. This means if your lesson is scheduled at "Ours* it will be located our instructors home studio. 

    All of our home locations are appointed with everything a student needs to succeed and in a relaxed comfortable setting. Pull on up and step on in its lesson time!      

    Schedule  a lesson  via the "Yours" option? You guessed it, the lesson will be be conducted at your home or office and at your convenience. 

    If you prefer online lessons and we've done a lot of them, you will be pleased. Our teachers use multiple cameras, focused lighting and the the best software to give you an all access view -  a learning experience that matches or even rivals being at your lesson in person. No drive no rush... your home! 

     Questions? Contact us today and we will be happy talk with you. So, will it be Ours, Yours or Online? Learn. 

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About Us

It All Starts Here

North County Drum Lessons is an ideal Drum School for students to build a solid foundation or even  prepare for a career in music performance. You are  guaranteed a quality education from passionate instructors.We offer a variety of lesson options that make learning to play convenient. Be sure to ask about our single lessons, group lessons and  our most popular lesson packages that can save you up to $10 per lesson.

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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

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